Is a jQuery plugin exposed via reactive API to supply asynchronous execution and XML, XPath and XSLT functionality.
It brings declarative programming as an alternative to closure-based event handling.

            $(".toFill").html("Click here")
                .xmlTransform( 'test/test.xml', 'test/test.xsl')
                .prepend('Still clickable <hr/>');
Look up the documentation for details and more use samples; validate your supported browsers by running test.
Including into project xml4jquery.js is distributed as npm module and is available on CDN to be included as

   <script type="text/javascript" src="https://cdn.xml4jquery.com/ajax/libs/xml4jquery/1.1.2/xml4jquery.js"></script>

Licensing It is a free to use and distribute binary library. The license agreement is embedded into xml4jquery.js file.

If you are seeking for sources, it is easier to get open sourced AMD libraries from AmdHarness-amd-xml

Commercial licence is available upon request to [email protected].

Support Mail list hosted by google groups
ApiFusion hosts all other aspects: documentation, wish list, public support, etc.
Bug report is hosted on github
Commercial support is provided by Simulation Works, LLC in USA time zone
Sample of rendered output by the code above